These Potato and Onion Pots are manufactured in very large moulds and hand finished to give them a very smart look, which sets them apart from most others on the market. They are guaranteed to keep your potatoes and onions fresh for longer than three months. The pots are rather strong and will not crack with normal handling. They can be moved around when filled and the lids are designed not to fall off, as they fit inside the pot. Due to unsightly oil stains our pots are no longer fitted with ropes. Care must be taken when filling these pots to avoid any suspect potatoes, which may deteriorate and cause a bad odour. In the event of this happening, all the potatoes must be removed and checked. The pot must then be wiped inside with a mixture of dark vinegar and water in equal amounts. A piece of foam works well for this. Take care to remove all traces of bad potatoes stuck inside the pot. A clean brush can be used. This procedure need only be done when odours are present, but can be done periodically, purely as a preventative measure. The outside of the pot may be wiped with dishwashing liquid when dirty. Keep these pots away from stoves, as any oil marks are almost impossible to remove. Please follow the same procedure for onion pots. We do not advise painting these pots as the clay is porous and "breathes", which I believe ensures freshness of your vegetables for a longer period of time. Besides, the terracota colour matches in almost anywhere. If it needs to be painted to match with the decor, first apply an undercoat and make sure to paint inside the holes and then a topcoat. Do not paint inside the pot because the paint may affect the potatoes. For further enquiries and prices please