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Engraved Ostrich Eggs & Lamps

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for PRICES These Engravings are done on genuine Ostrich Egg shells and are very fragile. They can not withstand an impact with any sharp object. Each egg is sterilised and scrubbed on the outside and the lamps are also cleaned out inside to ensure a spotless glow. After the engraving has been completed they are scrubbed again and sealed with lacquer spray. Each egg is wrapped in bubble wrap and placed into a box specially designed for ostrich eggs and taped up. Transporting them this way is safe as they can withstand fairly rough treatment. All these eggs display very well on their own, even in broad daylight, and are an absolute pleasure to own. Being Ostrich Eggs they are fragile and should be kept in a safe place. They can be wiped with a damp cloth when dusty. Important ! ! Please take care when dusting with a feather duster, as the feathers can get snagged in the hole at the top. The eggs with the hole in the top are lamps and stand on lamp stands...and the plain eggs are standard (not lamps) and stand on plain ceramic stands. N.B. Lamp and standard shells can be ordered without any fittings if required.

Lamp Bases

These lamp bases are manufactured in cold cast resin, and given a coat of varnish for added protection. The bases are fitted with a two metre rip chord, a through switch and an E.S. (Edison Screw) lamp fitting. As the plug sockets are different for countries outside South Africa, no plug tops are fitted. Due to the fact that light bulbs are fragile to transport and can not be guaranteed, they are not included.

Bulbs should not exceed 15 Watt.

The lamps can be left on for long periods of time and will not crack due to the heat of the bulbs, as long as the bulbs are 15 Watt pigmy lamps. All the lamps are fitted with special metal rings to prevent the eggs from cracking when replacing the bulbs.


The designs shown above are the most popular ones, but new designs will also be considered and priced individually according to their complexity.
EE 101 1. STANDARD EGG R 0.00
EE 102 2. EGG LAMP R 0.00
EE 103 3. DECO EGG R 0.00