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WELCOME TO ---DENIQUE--- Denique Art Works was formed around 1992, as a hobby, but grew to be a small business within 2 years. When I started I had about three years training as Production Manager for a company called Germiston Potteries, near to Johannesburg, South Africa. The name Denique was derived from my wife's name, Denise, my name, Nick and our motto, .... Be Unique. At Denique Art Works we endeavour to bring you products that are truly unique, as most of them originate right here. I am a mouldmaker and design a lot of models myself. Denise has also been a source of inspiration for much of our range, coming up with new ideas all the time. We try and always put that little extra effort in, to ensure good quality and unique products. Coupled with reasonable prices it all ensures happy customers. Special requests and custom designs will be considered and exclusivity on some can be arranged, depending on quantity and the design. Please browse and let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our range and service. WE WELCOME COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS. Please E mail comments to : dustynick@gmail.com Go back to .......Contact Details